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Paperless Environments User Conference


Paperless Environments is set to release their newest version of pVault and are doing so in 5-Star style in New Orleans. They will be reveling pVault 5 at their first ever Paperless Users Conference. The theme is "Geaux 5 in the Big Easy". For those of us who are not familiar with Cajun-speak, "Geaux" is Cajun for "Go".  In addition, the conference is being held at the 5-Star Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans.  Truly making this conference a 5-Star themed event.



Conference Agenda

The conference will be focusing on pVailt 5 and will give attendees a chance to test drive the new software onsite.  Here is what attendees can expect to learn:


  • 80 new upgrades, features, modules and applications present in pVault 5
  • How to increase company productivity by at least 50%
  • Uncover new options and software secrets
  • And much more... 


EWA Will Be Showcasing Greenlight Compliance Manager at the 2013 CFMA Conference
This years CFMA's Conference and Exhibition will be held in San Diego at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront hotel on June 22-26.  Attendees will learn how other construction financial personal are adjusting to current trends within the construction industry. 
This year, EWA will be showcasing a brand new compliance software called Greenlight Compliance Manager.  Come stop by our both (#603) to get a first-hand look at our new compliance solution.

Software News
EWA Tackles Compliance Problems 

EWA is proud to announce our latest software offering that targets tracking vendor compliance requirements - Greenlight Compliance Manager from Greenlight Compliance Solutions, LLC.  During our 30 years of doing business, our clients have stressed to us about their compliance problems and the lack of a comprehensive solution.  Accounting applications, spreadsheets, multiple software applications and outsourcing are the most commonly used solutions.


Greenlight Compliance Manager has been designed to integrate with any application database that has direct access or ODBC connectivity to eliminate duplicate entry of key information such as vendors, jobs and commitments. The software's core engine has a powerful notification program that allows users to setup scheduled email alerts using email templates with predefined attachments and reports. The system also handles unlimited tier levels with any easy to understand user interface.  All vendor system generated activity is automatically logged along with any correspondence including emails providing a complete audit trail for future reference.


Greenlight Compliance Solutions, LLC has just recently released their first module that tracks vendor insurance certificates for job specific and All Operations. Other modules scheduled for release this year include lien release generation and tracking, certified payroll tracking and contractor licenses. Other modules will be announced as they are scheduled for release.


Check out Greenlight Compliance Manager by clicking here.   

Doc Route Corner

Business Process Management: Purchase Order Process


The document routing module from Paperless Environments is the key component to automating many of your business process management processes commonly referred to as BPM.  There are many definitions of BPM but I like one in particular: "It promotes business effectiveness and efficiency while striving for innovation, flexibility, and integration with technology.  BPM attempts to improve processes continuously.  It can therefore be described as a "process optimization process." (1) If this is your first exposure to this terminology it may seem like just another fancy terminology that consultants use to justify their fees.  However, once understood and applied it can be very impactful.


I am a firm believer that one of the best ways to relate to a new idea or concept is to apply it to what we do every day. I will be writing about the uses of document routing in future newsletters and our blog postings on how to apply BPM to many of your every day processes that while they work most of the time they often seem to break down at the most inappropriate times.


Managing the purchase order process is one those BPM processes that is very challenging for most construction companies. When I discuss this with our clients and potential clients I almost always get the same response - it needs improvement. With document routing and our BPM engine from EI Dynamics we have successfully found a better way.


Once the vendor has been selected the purchase order needs to be approved before it can be issued. The approval process could require one or more approvals before the purchase order is issued. The routing is usually based on the job and/or the dollar amount. If the approval process is not effectively monitored, the timely issuing of the purchase order could be delayed which could ultimately cause late delivery to the job site disrupting construction schedules, potential back charges and escalated labor costs.


We have solved this problem for many of our clients by automating the approval process. The purchase order and related documentation are scanned, indexed and routed electronically using the document routing module. EI Dynamics manages the approval process by sending an email to the approver(s) alerting them that they have purchase order(s) to approve.


If the purchase order is not approved and issued within 48 hours an email is sent to the appropriate department manager that informs them of who is delaying the process. The person responsible for issuing the purchase order has a dashboard displaying all purchase orders awaiting approval and who has not approved then yet. If the approver has issues with the purchase order they can electronically route it back for explanation or changes. Once approved the purchase order can be emailed to the vendor directly from within Paperless. All along the way there is a complete automated audit trail of every action taken and by whom.


As we say at EWA - "Problem Solved".




Software Tips and Tricks
EWA Presents: Client Web Portal 

EWA has developed a new Client Web Portal that addresses many common support issues concerning Paperless Environments, Ei Dynamics and Greenlight Compliance Manager.  This unique support page covers a wide range of support topics through multiple types of media.


Now clients can find answers too many common support issues by viewing training manuals, videos, client discussion forums and support tickets.  Learn some new tricks from our training videos and user manuals.  Or you can share your ideas and questions with other clients on our open discussion forum.  If you still can't find a solution to your question, then you can create a support ticket and one of our technicians will be happy to address your problem. 


To join our new support community, you must be a client of EWA and own/create a Gmail account. ( click here to create a Gmail account)  Once you have an account, send us a request to join by clicking here.  We are dedicated to bringing superior customer support to our clients and we know you will find our new portal supports our commitment. 

Clients in the News

Tri Pointe Homes Goes Public


On January 31, 2013, Tri Pointe Homes went public.  The Company offered 13,689,000 shares to be purchased and traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange.  Ten million of the shares were directly sold by the Company with an additional 3,689,000 sold by a private shareholder. 


Tri Pointe will be using the proceeds raised from the offering to fund future land acquisitions and development.  The Company is expected to acquire $156.3 million from the 10,000,000 shares. 


Tri Pointe Homes has been a Paperless Client since 2011.  They specialize in real estate development and operate throughout Southern California and Colorado.  Tri Pointe just revealed "Brio", a single family housing community located in La Habra, California and will be gearing up for their grand opening of "Ameila at Bay Meadows" on March 16.


Click here to read more.




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