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Enterprise Content Management from Paperless Environments is a software suite comprised of several key components. Your company’s requirements will determine our recommendations.

- the flagship and foundation for all other imaging and workflow components making up an ECM solution from Paperless Environments.  Digital content and paper documents generated or received during your normal business workflow are deposited into pVault and indexed for fast, easy, secure access and retrieval.  Within seconds, employees can locate and distribute content without leaving their desk.

pVault chart

pBridge™ - Integrates all content, like invoices and receiving tickets, with your mission critical business applications into one, easy to use companywide system.  Standard bridges have already been developed for many of the most popular construction and real estate systems.  Custom bridge applications can be developed.

APFlow™ - replaces the manual invoice approval and coding systems found in most companies with a paperless process.  This reduces the cost to process invoices by over fifty percent.  pBridge links the APFlow module to data files in your accounting software to ensure high-speed validation and single-entry, single-touch integration.  Invoices and supporting documents can be automatically routed to approvers, who use one simple screen to quickly turn items around.  Check signers have the backup they need at their fingertips; no more costly, non-essential paper handling required.

AutoBatch™ - leverages OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) technologies to read information from scanned documents and validate captured data against your accounting or other database systems.  AutoBatch automatically updates document indexes and can eliminate the need for manual data entry into business applications.

For example, AutoBatch can be configured to read handwritten time sheets, automatically validate information against your accounting database, check math, generate an import file for payroll, index and store the time sheet in pVault.  This is just one example of how Autobatch can drastically improve a paper intensive, manual data entry process.

DocRoute™ - extends pVault distribution functionality. Content received by your company or stored in pVault can be distributed electronically using predefined or ad hoc route rules.  DocRoute is designed with simple, point-and-click functionality so that anyone can learn to route documents and files throughout your company. DocRoute’s user dashboard provides up-to-the minute status of routed documents and tools to manage the progress of each document through its routing cycle.

CDPlus™ - simplifies the process of providing backup for Time & Material Billings, legal or audit inquiries.  Content, stored and indexed in pVault, can be quickly retrieved and copied to a CD/DVD for distribution along with a built in viewer.  Eliminate the time and expense of making and sending paper copies.

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