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The Real Estate industry is a paper intensive industry. Developers and Property Managers are dealing with a growing number of documents. As a result, studies have revealed that 40% to 60% of an employee's time is spent handling paper documents, 3-5 % of a company’s documents are either lost or misplaced, at any given time, and 7% of an executive’s time is spent looking for lost or misfiled documents.

An Enterprise Content Management solution from Paperless Environments solves many document related problems. In fact, an average return on investment for an imaging and workflow solution is 6-10 months.

Below are some common problems we have solved for companies in the Real Estate industry.

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1. Routing AP invoices for approval takes too long and costs too much.

SOLUTION: Real Estate companies that go to a paperless AP workflow eliminate the cost of courier services and all of the non-essential paper handling tasks used to manually route invoices around the office, town or country.

By using APFlow by Paperless Environments, your AP Processors quickly route invoices to Property Managers or others based on company specified routing rules. Reviewers are alerted when they have invoices to approve. From one simple to use screen, Reviewers quickly review invoices with any supporting documents and take action.

The status of every invoice in route is always known and approved invoices automatically update your accounting system so you don't have to enter data twice.

2. Paper documents and widely dispersed digital content increase business risk.

SOLUTION: Developers and Property Managers that use pVault by Paperless Environments reduce their business risk by having all key business content in a single repository, secure and backed up.

In the event of a disaster, you don't have to worry about the destruction of paper documents since they have been scanned and retained electronically.

You can also defend against other risks more effectively when you get all of your business content into a single repository instead of countless c drives, emails, Smartphones, etc.

3. Responding to tenant inquiries about annual CAM reconciliation takes too long.

SOLUTION: Property Managers that use pVault by Paperless Environments rapidly retrieve and send the back up requested by their tenants.

Instantly retrieve all relevant documents from the pVault document repository in Paperless Environments and email to your tenants even while they are still on the phone.

4. Property Managers spend too much time processing paperwork.

SOLUTION: Wouldn't you rather have your Property Managers managing properties than processing paperwork?

APFlow by Paperless Environments streamlines the invoice approval process. Property Managers are alerted when they have invoices to approve and they use one simple screen to keep things moving. Supporting documents for each invoice are automatically presented for review.

We can train your Property Managers in 45 minutes.

5. Every department (Accounting, Human Resources, Operations, etc.) spends too much time filing and retrieving documents, or worse...searching for lost documents.

SOLUTION: Property Managers and Developers that store all of their paper documents and digital content in pVault by Paperless Environments use indexes to rapidly retrieve any content without leaving their desk.

Content can be distributed by print or email or routed using DocRoute by Paperless Environments. Routing of documents can be done ad hoc or based on predefined routing rules that make sense for your company.

A complete audit trail is maintained on each document as well.

6. Using a shared folder results in inconsistent filing and naming of electronic documents.

SOLUTION: Developers and Property Managers that use pVault by Paperless Environments index and store documents and digital content in a consistent manner without fail, making retrieval instant.

Bringing your new employees up to speed is a snap.

7. Tracking Insurance Certificates is a tedious, manual process.

SOLUTION: Property Managers using workflow automation from EWA Software Solutions have reduced their risk and eliminated almost all of the time spent tracking tenant insurance certificates.

EWA Software Solutions has streamlined this important process; each insurance certificate is touched only one time. The certificate is simply scanned and indexed into the pVault document repository by Paperless Environments; from this point forward reminder letters, alerts, reports and updates to the property management system are automatic.

8. Paper documents are consuming too much office space and/or cost of offsite storage just keeps going up.

SOLUTION: Property Managers and Developers that use pVault by Paperless Environments have reclaimed valuable office space and reduced their off site storage fees.

9. What problems do you face?

Contractors that work with EWA Software Solutions are solving their problems.

We welcome the opportunity to solve your problems too!

Please call us for a free consultation at: Toll Free 1-866-949-7273.


Please call us for a free consultation at: Toll Free 1-866-949-7273.

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